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Custom Builds
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Alpha 7
Alpha 7
Alpha 7

Custom Order amplifier builds are available.

Custom-built amplifiers will require a minimum of a non-refundable 50% deposit. This deposit percentage is subject to change at Blackwood Amplification’s discretion, depending entirely upon the nature of the 'Custom Order'.

In the event that a customer cancels and/or defaults on a pending 'Custom Order', all remaining account balances in excess of the minimum required non-refundable deposit will be refunded or, if the customer chooses, applied as a credit toward future work. Prior to placement of any 'Custom Order', Blackwood Amplification will attempt to obtain an estimate of component delivery time from the relevant vendors/parts suppliers for the purpose of providing an approximate completion date.

Blackwood Amplification is not responsible for any parts/components that may be on back-order status at the time of order placement. Blackwood Amplification assumes no responsibility for variations or updates to product standards, options, or specifications on the part of our vendors/parts suppliers. Blackwood Amplification assumes no responsibility for delays on the part of our vendors/parts suppliers.

Customers will be notified immediately upon completion of their order by Blackwood Amplification at which time the customer will have 7 calendar days to pay any balances owed on their order. If Blackwood Amplification does not receive payment for any balances due within the above-mentioned 7 day period, the customer will be considered to be in default and all terms and conditions outlined above shall apply.

For more information email: info@blackwoodamplification.com