Builder Jami Blackwood is a guitarist whose passion for great tone has led him to develop several innovative and distinctly different guitar amplifier models. Born out of a desire to offer guitarists new and unique sonic possibilities, all Blackwood Amplification models feature incredibly rugged construction, meticulous craftsmanship and are completely hand-wired using only the finest components to ensure rock-solid reliability and ‘out-of-this world’ tone for years to come!

Lunar 22

N.A.S.A. 40
The Blackwood N.A.S.A. 40 was developed after receiving multiple customer requests for a portable, feature-laden 40-watt tube head paired with a tuned/matched cabinet.



Cosmic 22

Cosmic 22
The Blackwood Amplification Cosmic 22 is a guitarists dream! This model produces plenty of clean headroom to work nicely with pedals or it can be cranked up to run the gamut from ‘Nashville-spank’ to classic ‘California-crunch’ simply by adjusting your guitar’s volume control.
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JCE 50

J.C.E 50
The Blackwood Amplification JCE 50 head offers a wide range of inspiring tonal options, from great ‘American’ clean tones to a rich overdrive, all while retaining great note separation and clarity. Gradually increase the gain control for a variety of classic British rock-inspired tones.
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Alpha 7
The Blackwood Amplification Alpha 7 provides 5 watts of tonal bliss. Loosely based on the Classic ‘5F-style’ circuit, the Alpha 7 is the perfect “grab & go” combo for both guitarists and harmonica players.
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Lunar 22

Lunar 22
The Lunar 22 is essentially the same circuit as the much-loved Cosmic 22, minus the reverb and tremolo. Beautiful vintage- style tweed cabinet. Very "pedal friendly" and touch sensitive.

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Apollo 12
The Blackwood Amplification Apollo 12 is the ultimate 12 watt ‘turn it up and rock’ combo. The Apollo 12 is very touch-sensitive and dynamic; go from ‘woody’ tweed-era clean tones to full-on grind with just a twist of your guitar’s volume control.
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Hangar 18

Hangar 18
The Blackwood Amplification Hangar 18 is a touch –sensitive, overtone-laden monster that retains the tonal characteristics of your guitar. Equally at home with both humbuckers and single coil pickups, the Hangar 18 can take you from clean to crunch to singing sustain with just a twist of your guitar’s volume knob.
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Area 51

Area 51
The Blackwood Amplification Area 51 takes the transparent and musical power section of the Hangar 18 and adds a higher gain pre-amp section; same singing overtones, clarity and touch sensitivity with a little something “extra”.
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Lunar 22

Nova 266
The Blackwood Amplification Nova 266 bass head harkens back to the glory days of all-tube, low-wattage, tone-rich bass guitar amplifiers.

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